Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why it is Important for those in the Criminal Justice field to have Research Paper

Why it is Important for those in the Criminal Justice field to have good character - Research Paper Example Various people who assist or serve in distinguished capacities of the criminal justice system include the judges, legislators, prosecutors, prison supervisors, police officers and advocates among others. They are all faced by challenging situations that put to test, their moral conduct, but have to take responsibility and execute their functions ethically. In a way, they hold a special position, which they can exploit to influence citizens, offenders, co-workers, and least themselves into having a sense of what is right and wrong. The public servants The criminal justice system is a central institution which any public member expresses some form of trust in. Citizens call the police for help and have their cases taken t to court because they have the confidence that those in these positions will serve them with loyalty, courage and honesty. According to Pollock, being a public servant in criminal justice field entails performing special duties involving the public trust; and as such they take oaths to be guardians of public interest (6). Their positions are those of leaders with a great impact on the public. The public looks at them with much expectation, to commit themselves to the assigned roles (whether to govern or guard the people) and do the right thing without taking advantage of them. It is a challenging job that requires refraining from unethical compromises in the field. However, despite the being paid from the public funds, some servants do not live to fulfill their promise and have been involved in corrupt acts and intimidation cases while on duty. These are people who have been entrusted with the public interests, but use their positions to enrich and serve themselves, which is an abuse of office. It would be unfair if the public is left to be led or served by servants who harass, deceive, and are unreliable or disloyal to them. As a public member, one would expect the police to arrest criminals and the judges to be available and decide with fairne ss, but not to free a criminal just because he is willing to part with a bundle of cash. Public servants ought to have exemplary standards, be reliable and available when needed, talk and exercise honesty with respect and without compromise. For the purpose of discretional powers The manner in which each one of them can make a decision in duty is fundamental. Those who work in the field have to make official decisions using their reasonable judgment and at least guided by the law in discharging of public duties. The decisions they make are arguably different, but in general, they involve power over others, whom they guard or govern. Good characters would lead them to make right decisions from the acceptable alternatives, instead of abusing the allotted discretional powers. In Article III and section 2of the US constitution, the judiciary is granted broad discretional powers that the jury can use while handling cases. Each is faced with choices; judges can approve or disapprove a cas e, police can arrest or release a suspect, legislators can point to legal or illegal behaviors punishable by law, and the correctional officers can either fail or offer counsel to the inmates, depending on how they use their discretional powers. However, the choices they make have to be within their powers, and free from third party influence, which calls for their good character. The decisions made have to be out of good faith, for proper and logical reasons after considering various issues or evidences (Ombudsman Western Australia â€Å"Guidelines: Exercise of discretion†). The public lies at the risk of being intimidated or even denied freedom by professionals who abuse their discretional powers in the field; to deny people their rights in the areas professionals’

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