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Marketing Strategy of Nintendo Wii Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing Strategy of Nintendo Wii - Case Study Example In most present day strategy literature, competitiveness seems to cover state-of the art thinking. "Strategic positioning is concern with the impact on strategy of the external environment, an organisation's strategic capability (resources and competences) and the expectations and the influence of stakeholders. (Johnson, Scholes& Whittington, 2005:17). Using Porters five forces framework, one will see that the intensity of competition in this market is very high, coming primarily from the market leaders like Sony and Microsoft. How ever, there are some other niche players in Asia and Europe. The Entertainment industry has become diverse especially with the current pace of technological advancement. Buyer's loyalty will be high with respect to those producers who dance to the taste of time (The case of Sony), offer customers a good value for their money and see them as strategic partners and not customers Suppliers tend to have a low bargaining power with the respective dealers. In the entertainment market, mostly the main company set the price including wholesalers and retailers commission. Thus, working with suppliers is not an issue at stake as their switching cost is high. "The influence of words over men is astounding." -- Napoleon. ... With the current level of sales and profit being enjoyed by participants in the market, s threat of potential entrants from China or Asia is high. China is presently considered as an emerging market. A solution for Nintendo will be to offer customers a better value for their money using the marketing mixes. 1.3 Nintendo Strategic marketing Objective "The influence of words over men is astounding." -- Napoleon. As the whole world gears for peace, marketers and other business people talk in terms of war. We see battle words everywhere in business: Japan bashing, corporate raiders, hostile takeovers, cola wars. Marketing is war. With the advent of events, ordinary business executive fancy themselves as warriors. Aggressively attacking weak companies, and defending market shares. Positioning products in people's minds and making them attractive to market segments requires careful formulation of the marketing mix. Getting the right blend of the product, promotion price and distribution is essential to put the carefully carried out analysis into operation. The aim is to portray an image for the product or service that will match with how one wants the product to be visualized in people's mind2. Thus with the recent launching of the Nintendo WII in the UK market, these features were carefully integrated to give the product a break through. Table 1: A summary of what constitute each of the Ps of the 4Ps Product Tangible products Psychological attributes Quality Services Benefits and features Packaging Styling Image Branding Customer service After care Guarantees Image Pricing Selling price Price positioning Distributor margins Credit Discounts Payment methods Price promotions

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