Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Does Strurcture of Human Resource Managment Enhance Employee Essay - 1

Does Strurcture of Human Resource Managment Enhance Employee Creativity - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that human resource management has implied the development and advise on policies that relate to the effective use of personnel that is in an organization to ensure there is an achievement of goals in the organization through the available personnel. The human resource also ensures that there is the employment of the right balance of skills and experiences. The management can involve training and development of the opportunities that are available to the performance and achieving the business aims. There are factors in organizations through human resource management have used in enhancing creativity among employee. The factors include planning for employees, putting up strategies, and training. The article brings about the identification of many factors that may stimulate or suppress the innovative aspects of the employees. The factors that have been identified to affect the innovative aspects include leadership that is available in the org anization, organization culture, and design and investments that are made in other sectors of the organization. Innovation is an important aspect in the management of employees in an organization. Arguments that have been made by scholars that organization management should be made to motivate behaviors that ensure there is the successful implementation of the overall strategy. Human resource management has been identified as the core, which is critical in the attainment of innovative strategic goals and with the specific human resource that is designed to encourage creativity and innovative behaviors of employees in an organization. The argument in this perspective is that innovation and creativity in an organization should be an important goal that is to be achieved for all sectors of employees. The degree of creativity in employees, however, may differ. Structure of human resource in an organization is important in enhancing creativity.

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