Friday, October 4, 2019

American civil rights movements, why do they form refer to different Essay

American civil rights movements, why do they form refer to different perspectives and use examples to illustrate your points - Essay Example It was able to institute that any form of discrimination was unjust and cannot be put up with, in any place within the country. This also set out a clear example to the oppressed groups around the county and other nations. The black people needed to have the same opportunities in education and working places. They also needed to have equal rights to vote and choose the leaders of their own like (Jarrett 2011). For a long time, it has been not easy for them to get a possibility to move away from the ghetto and be able to get decent jobs. Many of the schools were also segregated, and this made it difficult for the blacks to get good and better education. Moreover, the police forces mostly treated the blacks with contempt and violent behaviour. African Americans and other races that were being oppressed refused this form of rule and decided to defend themselves against it. They sought chances through lawsuits, political redress and other organisations that would fight and stand for thei r rights. The Reasons why the American civil rights Movements were Formed American civil rights movements were protests that were brought out by a group of many people who were against racial inequity in the United States of America. These movements were taken to be organised activities, which worked with an objective to achieve a better end in terms of the relations within the society. These movements took place during a period when the African American rights in the United States of America were being undermined by the whites. The African Americans decided to rally for the legal, political and cultural changes that do prohibits the discrimination of any race (Feinstein 2012). Different groups of citizens have been fighting for the fundamental rights in the American constitution. Because of their skin colour, the black people were not able to receive the same rights and privileges as the whites did. The social unrest that led to the civil rights movements was brought about by these injustices. Over the years in the American history, some courageous African American individuals decided to stand up and lead thousands of the oppressed people against the discrimination they were facing. Rosa Parks After she left the Maxwell Air Force Base, Rosa Parks worked for a couple named Clifford and Virginia Durr. After getting along with them, the couple sponsored her studies at Highlander Folk School in 1955. In essence, the school was a center designed to educate the black community about racial equality and the rights of the workers. Rosa’s quench for fight against racial discrimination was triggered by the murder of Emmett Till, a 14 year old black male, who was murdered by white men who suspected that he had flirted with a white woman (Eagles et al 1986). In addition, after Rosa took a job at the Montgomery Fair Department store, she witnessed a series of racial discrimination especially in buses, which she used to travel in to and from work. At that time, Blac ks were not allowed to sit at the front row seats. These were reserved for whites. To make the situation worse, if the whites bonded the bus and found that the bus was full, and the blacks were discriminated. With such deliberations, Rosa and other activists in

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