Friday, October 18, 2019

FBI case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FBI case study - Essay Example FBI only hires the crà ¨me of people who are perfectly capable in all aspects for the job. But for some people, this process might be too rigorous and tough to worth trying for. Another disadvantage is that it does not test the social behaviour of a candidate. For a job that appeals rewarding to me, I will try my utmost to get it irrespective of how long and rigorous the screening process is. FBI agent is a job that some people are highly passionate about. No doubt the long and screening process turn some people off, but if someone is passionate about the job, I believe for that person it will be a positive challenge to pass through all the hurdles and become an FBI special agent. I am a person whose need for achievement is very high. Therefore, passing the process and getting into FBI will help me attain that sense of achievement. FBI can do various things to make people accept the job offers. First of all they should increase salaries, give fringe benefits; give security to the FBI agents’ families. Apart from that, FBI should do good employer branding to attract excellent candidates. When an organization promotes itself for getting employees, and communicates how noble the work is, people naturally get attracted towards the job

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