Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hiv / Aids And Aids Essay -- AIDS, Immune system, HIV, South Africa

The entirety of the population of South Africa has been adversely affected by HIV/AIDS both in regards to the health of the people, and the economy of the country (Barks-Ruggles). For a few years now, the GDP of South Africa seems to have peaked in 2010, and has consistently lowered since. While not all of this is the result of HIV/AIDS, some of it is related. HIV/AIDS can affect the economy of South Africa in many ways, one such way is that it can it can lead to the death of many current and potential workers. As of 2015, the percentage of HIV prevalence in the population of population of South Africa is 19.1 (HIV). Another concern for the economy of South Africa comes from how productivity could be... ... middle of paper ... ...s languages of South Africa, who could teach communities about the virus, and could teach them how to treat those with the disease themselves would be a great step forward. I would also advise that we set up more clinics trained to help those with HIV/AIDS in areas of South Africa where it is most prevalent, such as KwaZulu-Natal, where as of 2009 around 39 percent of the adult population are infected (Dugger). If the areas with the highest amount of those with HIV/AIDS are targeted, it could lead to the information being spread out from there. The charity program AVERT based out of Brighton, United Kingdom, has been suggesting similar ideas, and is currently focusing their efforts towards helping those in the hotspots in South Africa. In short, HIV/AIDS must be combated if the world, let alone South Africa, wants to be able to control the rate at which it is spread.

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