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Dystopian text - 1984 and v for vendetta Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dystopian text - 1984 and v for vendetta - Essay Example The two were written at different times, the novel in 1984 and the movie occurs after 2010 though it was released in 2005 (Overeem 23). The perspectives of the two are the rights of England citizens which have been reduced and their activities watched very closely by a government which is very powerful. There are various similarities and differences between the two and the first similarity lies in the theme of government and bureaucracy. The two depicts a powerful government that is almost totalitarian where one individual is the leader. In the novel, the individual is known as big brother (Beshore and Keller 45). His picture is quite visible on posters all over London. Orwell indicates that the posters are colored and too large for the overall indoor display. In the film, v for vendetta, Chancellor Adam sutler is the leader who is hungry for power. He is depicted as a religious fanatic and uses his position to control the people in England. The similarity in the two is that the two governments are represented by a single powerful leader who all the others report to. However, in 1984, there is the uncertainty in the existence of the leader big brother. According to the author, the issue of whether he is alive, dead or even if he ever existed is uncertain since no one knows his whereabouts. This is different in the film since chancellor Sutler is shown in various episodes of the film. He is therefore known and people are certain about his living throughout the course of the events. To begin with people, let us look at the government and bureaucracy as presented by Orwell in 1984 (Peters 34). There is question as to whether he is able to provide a good vision on to the issue of government and bureaucracy or whether his political perspectives are limited. He equated the phenomenon of bureaucracy with the totalitarian states that had overt repressions in the political arena. According to him, a centralized government represented more power for the

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