Friday, July 26, 2019

Discrimination Against Obese People In Their Workplace Essay

Discrimination Against Obese People In Their Workplace - Essay Example   The work place is one of the social set up that brings people of different cultural backgrounds together. This makes it one of the complete replicas of the society which appreciates socio-cultural diversity. The overriding debate on obesity is an issue of wide media coverage and this makes it admissible even in the workplace as parents and couples make efforts to contain it. It is in this respect that those who happen to be obese are seen as abnormal and face unfavorable consideration for job position in the labor market. This is attributed to many factors that range from the company policy to the type of business dealt in. One fundamental requirement in any workplace is clean bill of physical health. This captures many factors including average body weight for flexible movement and swift response towards discharge of various duties in the office. The currently demanding global business that is operating under competitive pressure has redefined even the type of human capital fitn ess description which has all of a sudden taken physical wellbeing as a pivotal player in employee performance. With this idea, the Human resource management has over time developed the negative attitude towards overweight people with fear of future underperformance from other health-related challenges associated with obesity which will cost the organization in terms of money and time. On this ground, the managers opt to absorb them as second best alternative if the other preferable group is not attainable.   This has actually amounted to social injustice for the obese in the society (Newman, 2010). The image of the firm is a very important factor in management concepts and this constitute the entire organization framework extending to presentable employees. Most firms are preaching slim body that promotes appearance and pose. This is an idea that has greatly influenced the problem the obese people have in the organization. It is not hard to find some organizations posting weight limit as a requisite requirement for some employment opportunities (Hegar, 2012). This is an outright elimination of the obese people who may have the skills but beat the weight threshold, an idea that presents the best example of the discrimination that this group faces in the job market. The most psychologically torturing situation is when one is already absorbed in the job where he/she will face various

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