Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Walmart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Walmart - Essay Example Additionally, the shop also maintains its current clients. For that reason, in a retail shop such as Nice N Easy, broader merchandise selection contributes to 3.4 percent increase in sales. The store manager says that it has a high rate of customer inflow due to the strategy (Soverinsky 96). The broad merchandise selection elevates the number of sales; thus, leading to growth in the shop. With an increase in the number of products for sale, which also target a diverse range of customers, sales levels increase in the firm. Instead of targeting a specific section of the market population, a retailer with more products targets different people with different needs. Therefore, the number of sales increases in the firm leading to growth. For example, in Nice N Easy the number of sales increased by 3.4 percent, as a result of applying the strategy (Soverinsky 96). Broader merchandise selection acts as a form of advertisement. Advertisement and promotion of products is an essential aspect of marketing, which aids in growth of the firm. When a consumer enters to purchase a specific item, another product may attract them. When a customer identifies that a certain product exists in the same shop, there is a likelihood that he or she returns to the same shop to purchase that item or items. At Nice N Easy, regular customers come in to purchase different items due to the fact that they realize they can get that product in the same shop (Soverinsky 96). In conclusion, Walmart needs to broaden its selection of merchandise in order to increase sales, number of customers and also create product promotion. That way, the US discount unit can target a large number of customers enhancing company

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