Monday, August 26, 2019

Identification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Identification - Essay Example This has been reinforced by the fact that some nations that are non-democratic have managed to achieve impressive economic production. Fascism has been successful in a number of countries including Germany as well as Italy and Japan. It is even believed that what is needed to fix the problems facing the world today is; the availability of more information and the systematical analysis of that information. It is even argued that a dictator would help solve the various problems facing the world today by simply applying analysis. This would however require that democratic interferences and tradeoffs not to be applied (Ingram 3). Those who champion such arguments have gone to ask why smart people with the freedom to do what is right under democratic governments have not been able to solve the problems facing us. According to them, what is needed more are resources to do policy analysis. This stand is definitely miss -placed if not totally misguided as the people fronting it because there are so many policy analyses that have been done and are available by both governments and international agencies that are responsible for various sectors. The issue is not little information or lack of policy analysis as thought or fronted in Die Welle, but the problem is the opposite; there is too much information that it is overwhelming to make a policy choice unilaterally. With no clear and universally accepted criterion in place to make those whose interests are not catered for to accept policy that has been made by analysis, it is hard to implement these policies and solve the problems. If this is the problem that dictatorship is supposed to solve then Die Welle is a big joke. Have they considered the civil unrest, the violent opposition and confrontations? Also, no government has the resources to allot to extensive policy analysis (Ingram 8). And, if even if a dictator does this, he or she would in turn affect other operations of government there by creating a whole new probl em while trying to solve one. Furthermore, there has never been a single definition of all problems so that a policy analysis can handle all of them. In addition, there are limitations when it comes to policy making in an analytical manner because it is always fallible, costly, lacking the ability to conclusively resolve conflicts in terms of value and interests. It is therefore impossible to substitute politics with analysis as depicted in Die welle. It is however possible to improve policy making by increasing information and analysis but politics cannot be removed (Ingram 32). This authoritarian myth of Die welle is a misguided one that should not be supported because even states that are not democratic still rely on consent from members of their societies to a certain level. Even if it through coercion as in the case of Hitler in Germany. Federal Systems Federalism is a departure if not a rejection of majoritarian democracy as defined by its principal features or as depicted in the Westminster democracy model (Lijpart 3). Non-mojoritarian democracy is also referred to consensus democracy and can be further divided into federalism and consociationalism. While the two forms of non-majoritatrian democracy do not coincide, they always overlap to an extent that is significant. Also, it is important to note that they cover such areas such as balance when it comes to legislative relations, sharing of executive power, representation that is proportional,

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