Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Agency perspective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Agency perspective - Essay Example All the members of the Very Bad Bike Club (VBBC) are dangerous because they engage in a number of criminal activities ranging from drug trafficking to participation in a criminal enterprise. Major Allen Irongate has his job well defined as the Security Chief of the state correctional facility. Since the member of Very Bad Bike Club (VBBC) roam Virtual, they are in constant battles with the police who are diligent to make Virtual a safe city. In this regard, a number of criminals find themselves at the correctional facility after facing prosecution from the Chief Prosecutor. The Security Chief of the state correctional facility oversees the welfare of prisoners under his docket to ensure that none of them escapes. In addition, Major Allen Irongate, who holds the docket, is responsible for the intake and release of prisoners, most of who belong to VBBC. He also has a duty to keep the records of all inmates and those released on parole. Although Major Allen Irongate has tried her best to manage the correctional facility, constant release and sentencing of same criminals have thwarted his efforts (Ferdico, Fradella, & Totten, 2013).   The perspective of the Security Chief of the state correctional facility, Major Allen Irongate is quite strange in the sense that she has her personal issues with Very Bad Bike Club (VBBC). She holds the strong opinion that the imprisonment of the majority of the VBBC members has relieved the city of Virtual of the unrest it had experienced hitherto. In fact, she feels that the correctional facility is doing its job diligently because of the marked reduction in criminal cases within the locality. It means that correctional facilities are not places where criminals face harsh disciplinary measures, but rehabilitation centers (McCullough, 2006).   Instead of reforming and becoming better citizens as Major Irongate

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