Thursday, November 14, 2019

Overwhelmed by Marigolds :: Marigolds

Overwhelmed by Marigolds [ADM1]  Ã‚  Ã‚      I'll be honest; I picked this short story first because of the bright, blooming title, "Marigolds."   But when I read the story, I felt torn, like the marigolds that were when destroyed by Lizabeth[ADM2].   Throughout this story I felt overwhelmed with reality;[ADM3] I was showered with confusion, contradictions, and it seems as though I read this story of harsh truth in a dream.   Lizabeth's character is so close to myself, yet so far away, that I detest her, especially for her furious outrage taken out on a sliver of hope surrounded by despondency, yet I feel compassionate towards her.[ADM4]   I leaped furiously into the mounds of marigolds and pulled madly, trampling and pulling and destroying the perfect yellow blooms.[ADM5]   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   When she madly demolished the beautiful marigolds, I wanted to scream;[ADM6] she had ruined the only things ravishing[ADM7] and worthwhile, taking her anger and confusion out on something that seemed so perfect.   I felt like the marigolds because far too often I have been in a similar situation.   For example, I play the saxophone well, making it into Wind Ensemble (the highest[ADM8] band) as a freshman.   Many call me "perfect,"[ADM9] and because I can play better than they can, they hate me.   They treat me rudely,[ADM10] and they don't even know me except for my ability to play an instrument.   I feel dejected and trampled over socially because [ADM11]I happen to be able to be gifted in an area.   Some also detest me because of my grades, making assumptions before knowing me [ADM12]that because I get decent grades, I am perfect and too good for everyone.   Instead of seeing past me[ADM13], they make fun of me and put me down for achieving my highest goals.   So when Lizabeth tore at the flowers, smoldering[ADM14] them and killing them because they were full of hope and bloom, which she had none of[ADM15], I felt angry with her for handling her situation in this way.   She killed innocent life that thrived and stood out, because it possessed things that she wanted and that she was being deprived of[ADM16].   Because of this terrible reaction to this scene, I think that it is safe to assume [ADM17]I am not sympathetic towards anyone who hurts others, physically or mentally, for being happier or full of hope or more talented than them because they feel hopeless, fearful, or even feel confused and overwhelmed.

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