Thursday, September 19, 2019

Essay --

J.A. is an 82 year old male of German-American descent. He speaks English and does not know any German. He lives in a single family home with 2 floors, and a basement. He is 5’9†, married, appears well groomed and dressed. J.A. is alert and oriented x 3 and is currently retired. I met with J.A. on Saturday, 2/8/14 at 10:15am and was introduced to him and his spouse by his son. The interview was done at the home of J.A. in an office that he has in his home. J.A. seems very technological savvy with the use of a computer, scanner/printer, e-mail and the internet. Overall, he seems very calm, well mannered, optimistic and has a very good memory. He was able to remember where certain items were placed in the home when his wife asked about it. There were certificates around the home which seems like he received it from volunteering as well as paintings and pictures throughout the house. The interview lasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes. General Assessment J.A. had a steady gait, his speech was clear and audible, skin looked intact, and has short white hair but was slowly becoming bald. J.A. states that he feels that his â€Å"health is not great, but not that bad either.† He states that â€Å"overall he feels his health is fair for his age.† There are some medical problems which he states that does affect him. His knees suffer from arthritis and can’t walk as much as he used to. When he tries to walk, he cannot walk as fast as he used to due to a heart problem. According to J.A., his knees affect him the most when it is cold or when it is really damp/humid. He states that he has slipped and broken a bone in his ankle about 4 months ago which is not helping with his arthritis. His neighbors would help shovel his house when there ... ...ily is a bit more traditional, we do use some Chinese herbal medications and also believe that when we are sick to not eat certain foods or even when someone is pregnant to not eat certain foods. Usually when someone is sick or recovering from a surgery we would tell them not to eat some food and to eat certain foods that would help them recover. There are a lot of other beliefs which my family practices which I do not. However, I would follow it if asked of from my parents. Also, there is a belief that usually men would bring home more money and women would stay home and cook. However, nowadays that is not always the case and I also don’t believe that is the case. My family practices Buddhism on and off which is quite different from Roman Catholic. Prior to having a big meal before a big holiday, we would offer food to the Gods and then partake in that food.

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